Brian Schartz


Fax: (541) 434-6122

I was born less than a mile from where I now work.

I have lived in New Jersey, Botswana, Japan, and Oregon. I speak some Setswana andsome Japanese. I have only a slight Jersey accent.

My wife Satoko and I have two wonderful boys, Livingstone and Liam.

I have been a Realtor for almost 21 years now. Aside from membership in the EugeneAssociation of Realtor I am also a member of the US Chess Federation,American Mensa, and the National Marrow Donor Program.

I have always had a passion for volunteerism, working a summer at ahospital in Paterson, NJ while in high school, as a math teacher withthe Peace Corps, and now at Ridgeline Montessori where my son Liv is inkindergarten.

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