Kris Campbell


Fax: (541) 434-6122

I chose to be a Broker in Real Estate because I love people and want to be of benefit to them. I hold fellow human beings in high regard, intentionally honoring their unique characteristics and individuality.

I am committed to help my clients achieve wise real estate investments that fit their needs efficiently and tailored for their good purpose. It is my utmost goal to stay true to my client's best interest and provide them with an experience that is more rich by choosing me to be their Real Estate Broker.

I provide the information and resources needed to trek efficiently and smoothly through the transactions. My loyalty, diligence, perseverance and care for my client's well-being helps allow them to be able to breathe and enjoy the process. My natural and ever-excelling knack for strong negotiating skills helps place my clients into an optimal postion for their real estate endeavors.


I am a native Oregonian with pleasant memories of being raised in the Ferry Street Bridge/Sheldon area of Eugene since age two. My husband and I raised our three children in Eugene. We later bought bare land and had a custom house built Southeast of Eugene. We now enjoy our sustainably built home that takes in the natural surroundings of the forest. I learned a lot in the process of acquiring land, obtaining permits, county regulations, plus designing and building a home. Our own transactions have proven to be excellent investments.

In my previous profession I served many years as a Dental Hygienist. I developed many important skills that are very useful in Real Estate. Not only did I enjoy encountering strong relationships with people in all walks of life, I learned to be a strong advocate for my patient's best interest for their good health. I enjoyed building a trusting, meaningful and beautiful rapport with my patients. Even though there was sadness when it came time to end my practice as a Dental Hygienist, the keen interest I had always had in real estate was a natural choice for me to serve people in this capacity.

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