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  • "..we loved your promptness, attention to detail and being available whenever we needed answers." ~ Diana A.
  • "..we loved your promptness, attention to detail and being available whenever we needed answers." ~ Diana A.
  • Christiana has been helping me to find investment properties in Eugene and Springfield. She has contacts in the financing realm that have offered surprisingly good rates--lenders that I would not have considered on my own. She thoroughly researches prospective properties and has warned me of several pitfalls that I might have missed as an out of town investor. Christiana knows the market. Though I haven't been able to close on a purchase yet, I feel certain that, when I do, Christiana will be an invaluable help in the purchase, financing, closing and service after the sale. ~ Rob H.

Hello and Namaste!

   If you are looking for someone to help take the stress out of buying or selling your home, look no further. Besides being a full time Realtor® I am also a yoga teacher and birth doula. This helps me to bring a unique blend of strength and serenity to your real estate transaction. I am proud to have built my businesses on integrity, hard work, honest dealings, and by being available to help my clients every step of the way. 
    Here's a little more about me. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. After spending a few years in St. Joseph, Missouri and Los Angeles, California, my husband and I are pleased to make Eugene Oregon our home. We appreciate the eclectic blend of people that make the Willamette Valley special and enjoy the many benefits this wonderful area offers in both the arts and the outdoors. You can find us attending plays (when I'm not on stage) or the ballet, sipping wine and beer at our favorite local vendors, hiking the butte or walking our dog along the river. Real Estate has been a fun way for me to become more involved in our community and learn more about Eugene.
  I really enjoy looking at homes with clients, imagining their potential and helping to emphasize their unique aspects. I have a creative eye and logical mind that helps me to see the possibilities while staying grounded in the facts. These same skills are put to use when listing your property. I can pinpoint your home's special qualities and attributes to get buyers interested in viewing your home and making an offer. I know that each transaction is special and requires great attention to detail, a fresh perspective and, most importantly, an understanding of today's real estate market and technology. I continue to educate myself in all areas of real estate so I can better assist my clients.

Each client and transaction is different and unique so why not choose a Realtor just as unique as you are?

Uniquely Yours,
Christiana Dancer

Namaste is a Sanskrit word that means the light in me sees and honors the light in you.
Equinox Real Estate Listings
  • $480,000   2255 COLUMBIA, Eugene OR 97403   MLS ID: 14573021
    Bess Blacquiere
  • $450,000   93490 PRAIRIE, Junction City OR 97448   MLS ID: 14339506
    Chuck Wetherald
  • $450,000   2719 RIVERWALK, Eugene OR 97401   MLS ID: 14673819
    Nicola Calvert
  • $400,000   2520 HARRIS, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14526613
    Bess Blacquiere
  • $395,000   1315 INGLEWOOD, Eugene OR 97401   MLS ID: 14084771
    Ron Blacquiere
  • $390,000   49867 HILLS CREEK, Oakridge OR 97463   MLS ID: 14390704
    John Baumann
  • $379,900   25229 LAWRENCE, Junction City OR 97448   MLS ID: 14078518
    Karen Fine
  • $349,500   2474 CROWTHER, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 13640638
  • $330,000   330 DELLWOOD, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14193818
    Brandi Curtis
  • $329,900   2302 LOCH, Springfield OR 97477   MLS ID: 14487922
  • $302,500   240 W 19TH, Eugene OR 97401   MLS ID: 14377502
    Bess Blacquiere
  • $300,000   25113 LAMB, Elmira OR 97437   MLS ID: 14478001
    Karen Fine
  • $297,500   445 BROOKSIDE, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14653017
    Laura Abruzzini
  • $285,000   26056 CATON, Monroe OR 97456   MLS ID: 14122033
    Fawn Faribault
  • $277,500   726 RAYNER, Springfield OR 97477   MLS ID: 14150696
  • $277,500   518 W 23RD, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14671473
    Brian Schartz
  • $275,000   3230 WHITBECK, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14422340
    Bess Blacquiere
  • $269,900   5426 DONALD, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14300165
    Kelly Bogan
  • $260,000   2475 MOUNTAIN, Eugene OR 97408   MLS ID: 14360533
    Karen Fine
  • $259,900   2267 W 28TH, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14237945
    Bess Blacquiere
  • $249,900   1145 W 26TH, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14469720
    Fawn Faribault
  • $240,000   2223 CLEAR VUE, Springfield OR 97477   MLS ID: 14575847
    Chuck Wetherald
  • $239,000   2466 CORRAL, Springfield OR 97477   MLS ID: 14103856
  • $235,000   4545 MANZANITA, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14259895
    Fawn Faribault
  • $220,000   865 HORN, Eugene OR 97404   MLS ID: 14413919
    Chuck Wetherald
  • $199,900   355 IRVING, Eugene OR 97404   MLS ID: 14568278
    Ronald Bush
  • $195,000   2033 7th, Springfield OR 97477   MLS ID: 14443543
    Karla Smith
  • $187,000   440 WILKES, Eugene OR 97404   MLS ID: 14583534
    Karen Fine
  • $162,000   855 N 16TH, Cottage Grove OR 97424   MLS ID: 14011240
    Nicola Calvert
  • $158,500   875 W 20TH, Eugene OR 97405   MLS ID: 14037982
    Brian Schartz
  • $139,000   4847 TERALEE, Eugene OR 97402   MLS ID: 14319842
    Sheri Greatwood
  • $129,900   650 W 12TH, Eugene OR 97402   MLS ID: 14388020
    Laura Abruzzini
  • $120,000   4820 Sunset, Tillamook OR 97141   MLS ID: 13552738
    Fawn Faribault
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